The Samsung Gear S3 retains the rotating bezel of its predecessor. You can twist it to scroll through a list of apps, read more text, or even to answer or reject a call. This definitely feels more intuitive than using a touchscreen on a smartwatch. Each small click on the bezel indicates that you’ve moved to the next widget or app.

However, we were unhappy with the Gear S3’s vibration mechanism. The Gear S3 uses vibration feedback to tell you when you get to the end of a list, for example, but it feels like two pieces of metal scratching each other. The vibration alerts for calls and messages are similarly annoying. If you’ve ever used an Apple Watch, you’ll probably never get used to the Gear S3’s mechanism. The Apple Watch produces subtle nudges for texts, and even the alert for calls feels like someone quietly tapping your wrist. That’s just not the case with the Gear S3.

The Samsung Gear S3 has two buttons – one serves as a home and back button, while the other is for selecting apps. The bezel and buttons are all metal. The base of the smartwatch is made of plastic and the strap is leather. All of these have been designed very well and lend the watch a premium feel.

The Gear S3 has GPS and Wi-Fi support, but the leather strap and its bulk made it uncomfortable to use when working out. It automatically counts your steps and detects exercise, which is a good thing, but we didn’t enjoy wearing it while running. The combination of a leather strap and a metal buckle was uncomfortable during a long run, so we just took it off midway. This smartwatch feels more suited for everyday use than for serious fitness enthusiasts. Despite its size, the Samsung Gear S3 wouldn’t look out of place with formal attire, making it a good wearable at the office and in meetings.


  • Good battery life
  • Easy to control with the rotating bezel
  • Smooth OS



  • Companion app could be better
  • Dry app ecosystem
  • Bulky


Ratings (out of 5)

  • Design: 3.5
  • Performance: 3.5
  • Value for money: 3
  • Overall: 3.5

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